Differences between Mandarin and Cantonese

Although these two languages ​​are originally from the same country and they share the same alphabet. Mandarin and Cantonese are not mutually intelligible.

What are the differences?


Mandarin is the official language of China and is used for all business and official policies. The language is spoken in major Chinese cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. Also, Mandarin is the official language in Taiwan and Singapore. On the other hand, Cantonese is spoken in Hong Kong, Macau and in the Guangdong province. Continue reading

Movies in Mandarin (with some Cantonese spoken)

Shaolin – Xin shao lin si

A mix of action and comedy film, Shaolin tells the story of Hao Jie (Andy Lau), a young and powerful warrior who is betrayed and forced to seek shelter in the temple of Shaolin masters. Military leaders plan to invade the temple and Hao Jie and Shaolin monks are forced to fight to protect it.

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