Polyglot Nerd Dictionary

When I write articles, I assume that people are interested in languages ​​like me and sometimes I end up using a specific vocabulary. To resolve this problem, I made this little vocabulary compendium on the world of language learning. Of course, not everybody will agree with these definitions. If you think I should change something, write a comment below.


Accent: a characteristic pronunciation, determined by the region, country of someone. Continue reading

Beginner’s mistake: overusing the dictionary

Today, I will talk about another common mistake that language learners make: the excessive use of the dictionary. It’s okay to have a dictionary to solve doubts, but this should not be the main/most important material used.


Unfortunately, this is a mistake that many beginners make. It is common to see students with a dictionary under their arm, looking for the meaning of each word they see in from of them and trying to learn vocabulary like crazy. Don’t do that! Continue reading