Review Hugo Advanced French

Hugo Advanced CD Language Course is a continuation of the book French in Three Months (Hugo), course I didn’t try. That means that, to use this course is not necessary to have studied French in Three Months (Hugo), if you already have an intermediate level in the language you can use the advanced course straight away.

As stated before the course is for those who already have at least an intermediate level and want to improve his skills or review the French language.

How is the book?

The book has 9 chapters. Each chapter has:

  • An introductory text
  • A main text with the translation of unusual vocabulary
  • Brief grammatical and lexical explanations and some common expressions and slangs.
  • Exercises

Additionally, after the lesson n° 5 and n° 9, there is a self-assessment test.

The CDs, in addition to the narration of the texts, also have the oral practice of some exercises that are in the book.

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