10 endangered languages in Brazil

According to the site Ethnologe, Brazil has 236 languages, 20 of them are dead languages. Of the remaining 216 languages, 91 face the risk of extinction. Few of these languages ​​have been documented, and in some languages, the speakers are not completely fluent. With the dispersion of the indigenous population and the lack of an educational program to keep and document these languages, most of these threatened languages ​​will be soon dead. Today, I will show 10 languages ​​that are not only endangered, but are considered almost extinct.


Amahuaca language is spoken by the Amahuaca ethnic group that lives in the Peruvian Amazon. The language has around 220 speakers in Brazil and 130 in Peru and it has a written version (Latin alphabet). There are dictionaries and a small documentation. To learn more about the language, go to Native Languages. Continue reading