Korean Movies

Oldboy – Oldeuboi – 올드보이

The beginning of the film takes place in 1988; Oh Dae-su (Choi Min-sik) is a common man who is taken to a police station for being drunk. Upon leaving, he calls home from a phone booth and then vanishes; leaving as only clue the birthday gift he had bought for his daughter. Shortly after, he wakes up in a hotel room where there is only a TV and a door by which he receives food, he also breathes a gas that makes him sleep. Through the TV news he discovers that he is the prime suspect of his wife’s murder. As time passed, he adapts to the darkness of his room and begins to prepare his body and mind to survive the punishment that he is being obliged to comply without knowing the reason.

Lady Vengeance – Chinjulhan geomjasshi – 친절한 금자씨

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