Interview with Igor from Missão Poliglota

igorbarca_1375816613_16Igor Barca is the founder of the blog Missão Poliglota and of the School Estude Idiomas. He is a professor of English, French and Italian. Currently, he is also studying German and Japanese. His mission is to master at least 10 languages.

  1. What languages do you speak and at what level?

I am Brazilian. Then I speak Portuguese as a native language, but early on I got interested in languages. The first foreign language I learned was Italian. Despite having lost some eloquence from lack of practice, I consider myself fluent today as as I can fast recover the rhythm during a conversation.

On the other hand, my French is becoming more and more fluent, as I have been teaching students very often, including candidates for diplomacy. The English also goes well, according to my last exam of proficiency, which attested to the level C1. I have studied Spanish for two years and today, not so fond of the language, I have only intermediate level.

In addition to these languages, I study German and Japanese. I have been studying German for some time now, but with not enough motivation to evolve. My current mission is to learn Japanese in 90 days. I visited Japan in April and came back very excited with the language! I had studied Japanese before, but that was 10 years ago…

To sum it all: I speak Portuguese, English, French and Italian fluently, have intermediate level in Spanish (thanks to Julio Cortázar and his books, lol), I study German for some time now and I’am starting my studies of the Japanese language. To learn more about my current mission, click here. Continue reading

Interview with Maureen from the blog Mo’s Language Learning Journey

Maureen is a Scottish who love learning languages. She used that passion to find a job and now, in addition to using these languages to work, she also uses them to travel. You can find her in her blog Mo’s Language Learning Journey.

  1. Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born in Scotland in a monolingual household and I started learning languages at high school. My first language was French from age eleven but by the time I finished school at age sixteen, I could barely speak a word even though I passed my exam! Languages were taught very badly in my school with overcrowded classes, but I still enjoyed language lessons. I went to college and studied Spanish which was better because the class only had six people in it. From there, I progressed to university and there I studied Spanish and, to a lesser extent, Italian. Following university, my languages enabled me to gain employment in an international company within their Finance Department and I travelled regularly to their offices in Italy and Spain. Years later, my career within the Finance Industry progressed and I passed my professional accountancy qualifications. I would never have worked in Finance if I had not studied languages. Continue reading

Interview with Noel from

noel-van-vlietNoel van Vliet is not a hiperpolyglot, he is a trilingual who gives great information on his blog Do you want to know how the experts do to learn a language and if a course is good? Well, you’ll find the information on his site.

  1. What languages do you speak and at what level?

I speak Dutch, English and Spanish fluently. But they’re never in a fixed state. If I slack off on speaking English, for example, that particular skill diminishes temporarily, even if my listening isn’t affected. It recovers quickly when I give it the necessary attention. I’ve even started to forget words of my native language Dutch. Not the simple words I used everyday, but those words that you only hear or read every once in a while. I speak something of several other languages as well but I can’t really hold conversations in those languages. And that’s what counts. Continue reading

Interview with Vladimir from

Profile pic crop VladimirToday I’m starting a series of interviews with polyglots.

The first interviewed is Vladimir Skultety from, he is an interpreter and translator of Mandarin Chinese, Slovak and English. In his blog he writes about language learning, especially Mandarin Chinese learning.

He also has a very cool YouTube channel, you can check it here.

  1. What languages do you speak and at what level?

English, Czech, Slovak – native level

Chinese, German, Italian, Russian, Hungarian – C1/C2 level

Spanish, French – B2 level

Polish, Serbian, Portuguese – B1 level

Farsi – A2 level Continue reading

Polyglot Nerd first video

I’m back and with some news!!!!!!

I have a new logo, with a clean look and I also changed a bit the website, hope is lighter now.

And I have a new project that I divulge in the video below.

This is my first video, so obviously I was a nervous, but I made it.

The video was no script, I don’t read anything and I didn’t edit, I don’t even know how to do it.

Hope you’ll like, I know the quality is not the best, I still  have a long way to learn how to do very cool videos.


10 signs that you are a Polyglot Nerd

Are you an addicted? Check if you have any of these signs.

1. You can write in at least one “strange” alphabet


2. You can speak “Hi”, “Good Morning” or “Thank you” in at least 10 different languages


3. You have books in languages that you have never studied, just in case one day … you know …


4. This is the reaction of people when you start to talk about languages


5. You spend half your day watching videos on Youtube of people speaking languages you don’t understand, but think is amazing anyway


6. You know what is the Subjunctive Mood


7. You only accepts to date bilinguals, trilinguals or polyglots


8. You only watch movies in other languages


9. You feel dumb when you don’t understand a language, no matter which one


10. You have a list of the next 10 languages you are going to learn