Spanish accents – Part 1

The various accents of the Spanish language is one of my favorite subjects. And, it is also a controversial topic, everyone has a favorite accent. Sometimes the accent you find strange or ugly can be somebody’s favorite.

Let’s know in this post 5 very different Spanish accents that are easy to distinguish, even by those who speak Spanish as a second language.

bandeiras_da_espanha_1__95199_zoomThe Castilian

The typical accent of the city of Madrid is easy to recognize. The Madrileños are known for distinguished pronunciation of the syllables “ce” and “ci” as in words like cielo and celo. The “ce” and “ci” are formed as the “th” in English. Another tip to recognize Spanish speakers is the use of vosotros, only used on the Iberian Peninsula.

Listen here the word cielo, pronounced by Spanish, Chilean, Argentine and Mexican.

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