Why to learn English?

As the majority of Brazilian children, I had to study English in school and I hated. So, I left high school knowing only basic greetings like “What’s your name?”, and names of some animals, professions and colors. Nothing that really helped me to speak the language. But something amazing happened one year later; my English level had jumped and I was among intermediate and advanced level, as I write in this post.

Only after I understood English I started to like the language, and my reasons are the below:

1. Talk to people around the world

English is the de facto the world lingua franca. Like it or not, almost the world speaks English. You may be in Germany, India, Thailand or the United States, and unless you speak the local language you will communicate in English. Especially in tourist cities, even the simplest people have a basic knowledge of the language and speaking English can help you when you visit a temple, get a taxi, go to the airport or hotel. Still, you can make friends with others tourists in a hostel and in an excursion or you can get to know a friendly local who takes you to sightseeing.

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