Movies in Spanish – Part Two

Here is the second part of the post about Movies in Spanish.

White Elephant – ELEFANTE BLANCO

“White Elephant ” portrays the reality of little known outskirts of Buenos Aires. The film is set in the fictional slum town Villa Virgen, where Father Nicolás (Jérémie Renier) has just arrived to help in the social works of the Church that are commanded by Father Julian (Ricardo Darín). There, with the exception of the social worker Luciana (Martina Gusman), the state is completely absent. In this chaotic environment, the characters struggle to help the community while trying to stay strong despite the challenges and difficulties.

Amores Perros

“Amores Perros ” is a film by the Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu that tells the story of three different people whose lives are linked by a car accident. One is Octavio (Gael García Bernal), who wants to run away with his brother’s wife Susana (Vanessa Bauche) and to get money he starts to take his dog Cofi to baiting fights. At the same time, Daniel (Alvaro Guerrero) abandons his wife and daughters to live with Valeria (Goya Toledo) a model he felt in love, but his passion will be put to the test. The accident also involves Chivo (Emilio Echevarría), a former communist guerrilla who is now a hired killer.

The Crime of Padre Amaro – EL CRIMEN DEL PADRE AMARO

The film is based on the book of the Portuguese writer Eça de Queirós and is about Father Amaro (Gael García Bernal) who has just been ordered and is going to work in a small parish. There he is under the supervision of Father Benito (Sancho Gracia), who lives a corrupt and hypocritical existence. There Amaro meets the young devotee Amelia (Ana Claudia Alanson), daughter of Sanjuanera (Angelica Aragon), lover of Father Benito. Faced with the real world, Amaro is confronted with the hypocrisy of the Church, which condemns the guerillas but lives side by side with the criminals.

The Motorcycle Diaries – DIARIOS DE MOTOCICLETA

The Motorcycle Diaries chronicles the journey of Che Guevara, played by Gael García Bernal, through Latin America, along with his friend Alberto Granado (Rodrigo de la Serna). The ride is made on a bike that breaks after 8 months. They then go on to continue their journey taking rides and walking, always meeting new people. But when they arrive at a leper colony in the Peruvian Amazon, Ernesto begins to question his usefulness as a future doctor in Argentine.

Despues De Lucia

After the death of his wife, Roberto (Gonzalo Vega Jr.) and his daughter Alejandra (Tessa Ia), a 15 years old girl, leave the city of Vallarda and go to Mexico City in search for a new life. Alejandra joins a new school and makes friends very easily with her new colleagues. However, at a party she has sex with a classmate and the intercourse is recorded. Soon, the video becomes viral among Alejandra’s colleagues and she starts to be bullied. Embarrassed, she hides the abuses from father, until the situation becomes unbearable.


This is another film that deals with bullying, in this film Gabriel (Eduardo Garé) becomes the preferred victim of Guille (Eduardo Espinilla), the school bully. He becomes a victim of abuse just for being red haired. However, the boy is too embarrassed to tell the humiliations he suffers to his parents. Meanwhile, parents of the both boys cannot imagine what happens in school, since they are busy with their own problems and fears. The only one who seems to realize that there is something wrong is Silvano (Frank Crudele), the owner of the pizzeria where the family of Gabriel always goes to have dinner. And with the help of Silvano, Gabriel will try to reverse the situation, not realizing the consequences.

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Chinese Take-Away – UN CUENTO CHINO

A cow falls from the sky and hits the small boat of a Chinese couple. Therein begins the story of the movie “Chinese Takeaway “. After that we see the routine of the lonely and grumpy Roberto (Ricardo Darín) who lives in Buenos Aires. He lives a simple life without major problems until the day he helps a Chinese (Ignacio Huang) who is robbed and thrown off into the street by a taxi driver. Reluctantly, Roberto tries to help the Chinese and eventually discover a strange fact that unites both.


Ofelia (Ivana Baquero) is a smart and dreamy girl of 10 years, who moves to the north of Navarre with her mother, Carmen (Ariadna Gil). There they will live with the cruel Captain Vidal (Sergi López), a Fascist officer who is trying to exterminate the guerrillas of the surroundings. At the new home, the girl gets close to Mercedes (Maribel Verdú), a cook who is secretly helping the rebels. Moreover, in her garden tours, Ofelia discovers a labyrinth and meets a faun who reveals that she is a princess of an underworld and that to be able to return she must accomplish three special missions.

Movies in Spanish – Part One

Finally, the post I’ve been planning for over a month. Sorry guys :(!

Thus, as the first post of French films was special, the first post of films in Spanish will also be special. Instead of an actor, this post will have only movies from the Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar.

Movies from Almodóvar: I never know which one to choose.

Movies from Almodóvar: I never know which one to choose.

Los amantes pasajeros – I’M So Excited!

The latest film from the Spanish director is quite atypical. With an exaggerate tone of comedy, “I’m So Excited!” tells the story of passengers and employees in a flight between Spain and Mexico, which has problems on one of the landing gears, for this reason the captain (Antonio de la Torre) is forced to fly in circles. During this period, all economy class passengers are doped and the action takes place between the cockpit and the first class. In this scenario, several revelations are made by the characters, especially about their sexuality.

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French Movies – Part 2

Following the first part of the post, we will see more French movies, all kind of them: comedies, drama, romantic, horror and animation.

La Vie d’ Adèle – Chapitres 1 et 2 – Blue Is the Warmest Color

The long (2h57m) and controversial film tells the story of the youth of Adèle, brilliantly played by Adèle Exarchopoulos. Adéle is a teenager who discovers her passion for a woman with blue hair Emma (Léa Seydoux), besides showing the development and growth of the relationship between the characters; the movie also shows the differences in upbringing and personality of women. The film is not just about the strong bond of love between two characters, but also about the process of maturation between the period of adolescence and adulthood.

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French movies – Part 1

As I always like to promote going to the movies as one fun way to learn and to be in contact with a language, nothing better than recommend some foreign films. I intend to do a little series of posts, starting with French films.

As the most significant and famous name in French cinema today is the actress Audrey Tautou. The first part contains only films in which she acts.


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Using television to learn languages

I always say that one of the best ways to learn a language is to watch movies or television in the target language.

The main reason is the following:

It is natural!

One of the biggest flaws of the books made for learning languages is that the language is usually more formal and “arranged ” that the language of quotidian. Even books of slangs and swearwords are not very useful, because these words are out of context. Moreover, at least in Brazil, some curses can be addressed to someone in a positive context. Such subtlety of language will only be learned in context, i.e.: living in a country where they speak the language or seeing it happen through movies and television in general.

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