Tips for raising bilingual children

Everyone has frustration towards their parents. One frustration I have toward my father is that he never taught me Japanese. Every time I say to someone that my father is Japanese, the first thing they ask me is: “Do you speak Japanese?” And I answer disappointed: “no.”

So, if you are a foreigner anywhere in the world and have a child, do yourself and your kids a favor and teach them your mother tongue.

Start immediately

Do not wait the child to grow to take it to the language school, the earlier the child is exposed to language the better. It doesn’t matter if the child is illiterate, the most important is to talk, talk and talk so he/she will internalize the language structure and will start talking. New-born babies already know how to distinguish between completely different languages. If the languages ​​are similar, the baby starts to distinguish them as of the sixth month. Continue reading