Do you love foreign languages? Foreign cultures? Me too! This website is about that, sharing my experiences learning languages. That’s why you’ll find here lots of reviews!!!!

You’ll also find here lot of posts about foreign movies, music, podcasts, books and YouTube channels, a way to experience the language and culture in your home. I also love travelling and once in while I talk about it.

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The team


Hello everybody! I like to think of myself as a cool nerd who knows nothing about computers! Besides being kind of nerd, I’m also a dreamer, my two big dreams in my life are: to communicate in many languages as is possible and to travel around the world.

I’m not a linguist and  I don’t have any specialization in languages. I just love them! I’m a native speaker of Portuguese, I started to study Spanish when I was 13 and I learned English by osmosis when I was 18. In my mid-twenties I learned French. My current project is to learn German and reach the B2 level.

Which one is going to be next? I don’t know, but check my dream list:

  • Japanese
  • Italian
  • Thai
  • Mandarin
  • Russian
  • Indonesian
  • Basque
  • Catalan
  • Swahili

Meet now Alejandra who sometimes translates articles to Spanish.

Language Teaching

I’m teaching Portuguese for foreigners, if you want to learn Portuguese with me, contact me here.


Hello – once in a university class I won five extra points because I knew how to say hello in five languages. My name is Alejandra, neither Maria Alejandra, nor Alexandra, only Alejandra. I love meeting people, especially if is possible to share with me something of their culture. I never studied English, I learned because we are surrounded by it, and because of my love for Kurt Cobain and his music. I study French, but I’m tooooo shy to talk, ah! And I fell in love with Portuguese when I lived with a Brazilian for a few months. My native language is Spanish, and I love it.

Passionate and amorous, but with no luck in life, I channeled my energy into other languages.

Foto Carlos Silva2Carlos

Hellos everybody! My name is Carlos, I’m from Venezuela and, as you probably, I have a passion for languages and foreign cultures. I’m just a 17-year-old boy and one of my goals is to learn the languages that I like, I want to be a polyglot (because I’m still a little far from being one) to travel, get to know a lot of new cultures and people. My mother tongue is Spanish, I learned English without realizing it, with music (thanks Demi Lovato and Ed Sheeran) and TV series (thanks The Big Bang Theory). I still want to study more English and have a certification. I am currently studying French alone and I love it! I also know some Esperanto (Saluton amikoj!). Some of the languages that are in my learning list are Russian, Italian, Arabic and Portuguese. Perhaps I’ll follow with German and Afrikaans. I would also like to learn the language Wayuunaiki, one of the many indigenous languages that exists in my country. And, of course, I love my language, reading novels, poetry, theater, etc. And, I love to siiing in all possible languages. If you want me to help with your Spanish, I’m available.

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