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New to Welcome aboard! My name is Nathalia and I’m just a regular language nerd, who loves everything about languages and foreign cultures. I don’t have any magical trick to learn a language, but I have knowledge, experience and passion. I’ll recommend you the best materials and a lot of movies! In this page, you can find some popular content. Enjoy it and don’t forget to subscribe to never miss a post again.

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Resources for beginners in language learning

Beginner’s mistake: in search of the Holy Grail

Beginner’s mistake: overusing the dictionary

How to improve listening and reading at the same time – Part 2

Materials to the DELE exam

My story with the Spanish language until the C1 level

Grammar books


Assimil Review 

Review of the website Learn with Oliver

Duolingo Review

Review of FSI French courses

Book Review: “Fluent in 3 months” by Benny Lewis

Review of the course Harry – Deutsche Welle

Review of Deutsch – Warum Nicht? – Deutsche Welle

Review of Pimsleur German

Review Hugo Advanced French

Review Audiotrainer – Deutsche Welle

Review Radio D Course – Deutsche Welle

Review of the course Mission Europe


Interview with Gustavo from the site

Interview with Igor from Missão Poliglota

Interview with Maureen from Mo’s Language Learning Journey

Interview with Noel from

Interview with Shannon Kennedy from

Interview with Vladimir from



Brazilian Movies

Danish films

Dutch movies

French movies – Part 1

French movies – Part 2

German movies

German movies 2

Greek Movies

Italian Movies

Japanese Animation Movies – Studio Ghibli – Part 1

Japanese Animation Movies – Studio Ghibli – Part 2

Japanese Movies

Korean Movies

Movies + Music – Brazil – Part 2

Movies + Music: Brazil

Movies about Brazilian personalities

Movies about Brazilian personalities – Part 2

Movies in Arabic

Movies in Mandarin (with some Cantonese spoken)

Multilingual Movies

Multilingual Movies – Part 2

Norwegian Movies

Swedish Movies

Turkish Movies

TV Series

International TV series


Brazilian Music

Music in French

Music in Spanish

YouTube channels

10 French humor channels on YouTube

10 Comedy YouTube channels in Spanish


My favorite podcasts in French

My favorite podcasts in Spanish

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